Ep 137: Balancing Motherhood with a CRNA Career with the Smart Mamas (Re-release)

On this episode, we’re going back to a previous conversation with the three women behind the Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups podcast. This trio does great work for mothers in our profession so we wanted to spotlight them once again on the show. Plus, a lot has changed for them since we talked in early 2020.  

Click the timestamps below to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.

On This Episode:

We haven’t done this very much, but we today we’re revisiting a past episode of the podcast where we talked with the three women behind the Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups podcast. We spoke with Crystal, Ellen, and Laci in early 2020 about the challenges in balancing motherhood with a busy CRNA career and the Smart Mama community they’ve built through their podcast.

These three have been such a positive influence in our profession so we wanted to spotlight the work they’re doing once again, especially now that we have a little more experience and audience with our show. If you don’t know this podcast, you’ll get to meet the smart and funny minds behind the show that has evolved into a moms club and you’ll hear about all the topics the frequently tackle.

Every CRNA mom can relate to the things we talk about and hopefully hearing it from other people will help you see that you aren’t alone. Motherhood is a wonderful journey but it isn’t easy. We appreciate every one of you and those of you that support the mothers in your life. It takes a village, right?

Keep an ear out for these key topics during the show:

  • Their different backgrounds as CRNAs
  • Why balancing family and work is so important for them.
  • How the podcast was started.
  • Social media has allowed moms from all over the country to connect with each and support one another.
  • The biggest misconception about parenting for each woman.
  • Jeremy gets a lesson on breastfeeding
  • The subject of love language comes up and some of us share ours.
  • Keeping marriage strong with children and a busy schedule
  • How do you make time for yourself?
  • Why it’s important to remove judgement between women.

We hope you enjoy the show. Check it out at the top of the page and use the timestamps to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.

[0:50] – Why we’re revisiting this conversation

[5:23] – Welcome our guests

[6:18] – Background on Laci

[7:19] – Background on Ellen

[8:23] – Background on Crystal

[10:24] – Why this topic is so important

[11:52] – Connecting through social media

[16:24] – Misconceptions about parenting

[18:37] – Breastfeeding

[25:58] – Keeping marriage intact

[34:56] – What do you do for yourself?

[38:18] – Maintaining your own identity

[40:45] – How to connect with them

[41:25] – Final Thoughts


The reason that our podcast and our group has become so successful I think the number one thing is there is no judgement there.

-Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups

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