Ep 90: How Association Management Can Help Your State Association

Running a state association takes a lot of work and it’s made even more challenging when the board doesn’t have all the tools to do the best job possible. That’s where association management companies come in. Find out how Peggy Blankenship, CAE, and Accent on Management are helping four state associations already and why it can be a big benefit to members. 

Click the timestamps below to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.

On This Episode:

The ANA state associations play an important role for CRNAs and that’s why we try to spotlight local membership quite frequently on the podcast.

On this episode, we want to talk about how working with a management company can help improve the work that’s being done at the state level. To do that, we asked Peggy Blankenship, CAE, to join us on the podcast. She, along with her sister, is president and owner of Accent on Management.  The Ohio-based association management company has Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and South Carolina as clients already along with a long list of organizations in the region.

Having a management company can provide a lot of guidance and assistance in many different areas. As Blankenship explains on the show, associations don’t always have the tools they need and that’s why the partnership can be so beneficial.

So we’ll spend time learning more about her company and the services they provide for CRNAs. We talk about the importance of getting young professionals involved in local organizations all the time, and attracting members means providing the best experience possible. Hopefully this episode will provide some valuable information for associations across the country.

Here are some of the other topics we will cover on the show:

  • You need the right tools to effective run an association.
  • Why communication is the most important part of this.
  • The most common mistakes that get made.
  • Resources that are available.

Check it out the interview at the top of the page and use the timestamps to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.

2:12 – Welcome Peggy Blankenship to show

3:11 – Background on Peggy and her business

4:32 – Her certification and the work it took to receive it

5:27 – Why is this topic important?

7:07 – How often should organizations be reviewing governing documents?

8:17 – Communication is a key piece to this.

10:39 – Most common mistakes she sees from boards.

12:04 – Resources that CRNAs could access.

13:00 – How involved do you get with social media issues?

14:24 – Why would people want to use an association management firm?

18:49 – Are their particular clients that might not fit with your group?

20:18 – What should you look for from a management company partnership?

23:39 – How did you and your sister get into this industry together?

25:11 – How are you evaluated?

26:50 – Closing thoughts from Peggy

“I think the collaboration piece of what you can get with going with a firm that does this as their business is really beneficial to the association.”

-Peggy Blankenship, CAE







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J. Cross CRNA
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This podcast is very well put together. I love the hosts Sharon & Jeremy, they do a fantastic job at presenting topics as well as getting great speakers on the show! This is my morning commute podcast everyday! Thank you for all that you do!
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I enjoy listening every morning. Great content and always a pleasure to learn something new.
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I started listening to this podcast religiously early on in my CRNA journey, a year before applying to CRNA school. The content in this podcast was one of my most helpful resources for getting into my first choice school, Wake Forest! It has also been a huge motivator for getting involved with the AANA now and throughout my career. I highly recommend this podcast to every prospective CRNA I meet.
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I appreciate hearing the latest and greatest in the world of Nurse Anesthesiology while also getting Class B credits. Just listen on your commute for a win/win experience. I love the perspectives from Jeremy and Sharon who both ask varied and insightful questions!
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If you’re a CRNA or any medical professional, I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen. Hosts have a great rapport.