Ep 223: Starting Your Own Aesthetic Injectables Practice

Now Suzanne Jagger is helping other CRNAs and NPs learn how to follow her path to start their own aesthetic injectables practice, and she’ll share that experience on this episode. If you’ve ever considered aesthetics or were curious to learn more, we’ll share an inside look at what it takes to be successful along with the challenges of running a practice.


Ep 216: Identifying & Treating Imposter Phenomenon as a CRNA

It’s not something people openly talk about but feeling like you’re professionally inadequate happens to a lot of people. This is known as imposter phenomenon (IP) and it’s something that CRNAs deal with much more than you might realize. We’ve invited former CANA president Jeffrey Darna, PhD, DNP, CRNA, ACNP-BC onto the show to explain why high-achieving individuals have this self-perception of intellectual phoniness and what we can do to treat it.


Ep 209: Tips for Getting the Right CRNA Job with Lt. Col. (ret) Tom Davis

CRNAs continue to be in high demand so finding a job isn’t always the challenge, but how do you go about identifying and landing the right job? Thomas Davis, DNAP, MAE, CRNA is an Air Force-trained CRNA who learned a lot about leadership during his time in the military and has used that to start ProSynEx Authentic Leadership. Today we’ll dive into the hiring process and share tips for any CRNA exploring new employment so that you have the best chance at landing that perfect job.


Ep 207: Normalization of Deviance and Production Pressure for CRNAs

When you look at how critical mistakes happen in the workplace, the normalization of deviance is often the culprit. You can find examples of this in all different areas of life, but CRNAs frequently face the pressure of doing things as fast as we can to meet the demands of production pressure. Today we want to explore this idea of normalization of deviance with Randy Cornelius, DNP, ARNP, CRNA, and discuss how CRNAs can work to overcome this.


Ep 206: From the OR to the C-Suite with Randy Moore

Randy Moore, DNP, MBA, CRNA, left his role as the AANA CEO about a year ago to take over as Chief Anesthetist Officer at NorthStar Anesthesia. It was a little surprising because it seemed like a great long-term position, but the reasons for his departure make sense when you hear him explain his vision moving forward. That’s why we’ve invited our friend and colleague onto the show to catch up on this huge career change.




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Sharon graduated from the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Hospital Nurse Anesthesia program in 1992. She resides in North Carolina and currently works as a 1099 CRNA. Association service includes the President of the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists. She served three years on the AANA (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) Public Relations (PR) committee and conducted Media Training for state associations in conjunction with the AANA Senior Director of Strategic Communications, Chris Bettin. Sharon was the producer of the AANA PR award-winning video, The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare.

She chaired the Government Relations Committee of the AANA in 2009-2010 and has been a registered lobbyist and legislative involvement for over 22 years. Board of Director service at the national level of the AANA has included Region 2 Director, Vice President, President-Elect, and President in 2014-2015. Sharon ran for the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2015-16 but unfortunately lost in the primary. Not to be deterred, Sharon returned to school to obtain her Doctorate at Yale University, leading her to design the first-ever Candidate School for Nurses and Midwives. Although Covid intervened, canceling the pilot program, Sharon has created a Facebook Group called Influential Nurses, a group to facilitate, encourage, and empower nurses running for elected office. Sharon believes the time is now for nurses to take their rightful seats in positions of INFLUENCE. 


Jeremy Stanley is the president and founder of CRNA Financial Planning ®, an AANA Member Advantage Program Partner. For more than two decades, he has been helping CRNAs utilize their career paths to pursue their dreams. As a member of the Wake Forest Baptist Health
Nurse Anesthesia Program Advisory Committee, as well as a Public Trustee to the AANA Foundation, Jeremy stays abreast of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape as well as the political issues that affect CRNAs. An advocate for the CRNA profession, Jeremy has written two books – exclusively for CRNAs. “The Wealthy CRNA” lays out a foundational road map for CRNAs to plan their financial futures, and “A CRNA’s Life After Anesthesia” is designed to assist CRNAs in planning for retirement. Both books have been prior approved by the AANA for Class A CE credits.