All Things AANA with President Dru Riddle & CEO Bill Bruce

Today ​we’re ​delving ​in ​the ​heart ​of ​all ​matters ​concerning ​the ​American ​Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, ​and ​we’re ​privileged ​to ​be ​joined ​by ​two ​prominent ​guests.

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Ep 158: How to Protect Your Professional License from Litigation

Although you never go into a patient’s room with the expectation that anything will go wrong, sometimes it does. It’s important for nurses to be prepared in the event that a lawsuit is ever filed against you. Today we’ve invited attorney Nick Dowgul to the show to tell us more about the legal process and what can happen to your nursing license after a lawsuit. There’s a lot to learn and we want to make sure you are able to protect yourself and your career.

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