Ep #41: The Importance of Getting Involved with Joe Rodriguez, CRNA

We always talk about the importance of community within the CRNA profession so let’s take it a step further by discussing how and why you should get involved. There are varying levels of involvement, as we’ll get into, but Joe Rodriguez will help us understand what your participation means to the industry.

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On This Episode:

No matter where you are in life, being involved in your specific community will always improve your well-being. We accomplish much more when we work together than when go at it alone.

That’s no different in the CRNA profession. There’s no way we could do our job without the help of others, and that’s true whether we’re at work or not. There are many groups that are working for the betterment of the profession, and it’s important that CRNAs get involved in that process.

That’s why we brought on Joe Rodriguez, CRNA and managing partner at Arizona Anethesia Solutions (AzAS). This former president of the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists and the 2019 CRNA of the Year in Arizona stays is active across many different groups and that gives him a great perspective on this topic.

Join us as we discuss getting involved, why the CRNA community is so important, how we each can make a difference, and the advice he would give professionals at each stage of their career who are considering getting involved. Those are just some of the topics we’ll cover during this episode of the Beyond the Mask Podcast so come join us!

We really enjoyed this conversation with Joe and hope you consider getting more involved. Check it out at the top of the page and use the timestamps to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.

[2:20] – Introducing our guest today, Joe Rodriguez.

[3:08] – His topic today is ‘getting involved.’ Here’s why it’s important.

[4:07] – Participating in community at work versus neighborhood is a little different for Joe.

[5:09] – Have you always been like this or did you develop this interest in getting involved?  

[7:25] – Should everyone be as engaged as Joe? What’s the happy medium?

[9:18] – How many CRNAs total compared to AANA members?

[11:16] – What is the average CRNA career worth?

[12:17] – Do you remember MI 68? Their story shows why it’s important to be engaged.

[13:00] – Sometimes people just need to be asked.

[14:23] – Why Joe is so passionate about all these regulatory issues.

[15:37] – How do you overcome an opponent that’s better funded?

[19:12] – Highlighting the progress that Joe has seen through the years.

[21:27] – How do you balance your time to get so much accomplished?

[23:43] – If he wasn’t a CRNA, Joe would be a lawyer.                           

[26:30] – What advice would you give people to get them involved? And specifically for people at different stages of their career – early, middle, late.

“What I’ve been sharing with folks is the more they can open their perspective to realizing the more they’re involved with their community, the better off they are in their own individual life. This is not a concept that comes naturally to people but the more they realize that, the more they get involved.

Joe Rodriguez, CRNA

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