dru riddle

All Things AANA with President Dru Riddle & CEO Bill Bruce

Today ​we’re ​delving ​in ​the ​heart ​of ​all ​matters ​concerning ​the ​American ​Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, ​and ​we’re ​privileged ​to ​be ​joined ​by ​two ​prominent ​guests.

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Ep 176: Meet 13 Candidates in the 2022 AANA Elections

The AANA Elections to appoint 2022-2023 board and elected committees will open on April 19 and members will have two weeks to cast their votes. We had the opportunity to go to the mid-year assembly in Washington D.C earlier this month and give candidates the chance to speak directly to you about their views and goals to help you make a more in-formed decision. Today you’ll hear from 13 CRNAs who will be on the ballot this month.

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