healthcare costs

The Cartelization of Heathcare: The Alarming Statistics Behind Healthcare Profits

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads financially as Americans struggle to cover medi-cal costs and profits soar following the COVID pandemic. The push for change is getting louder every day, and one of the strongest voices is coming from North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell.

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The Incomplete CRNA Financial Plan

Most of the financial conversations we’ve had on the podcast recently have been geared toward retirees, but today we want to focus on the financial planning process. So whether you’re a new graduate or a CRNA with over 20 years of experience, we want to share some planning things that everyone needs to make sure aren’t left incomplete.

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Ep #22: Mike McKinnon – Risks of Anesthesiologist Assistants

We finally got a chance to talk to Mike McKinnon, past president of the Arizona ANA, and he has a wealth of information to share about Anesthesiologist Assistants in the current healthcare environment. What kind of role do AAs play in overall healthcare costs, access to care, and the greater objectives of the ASA? What kinds of risks do they pose to CRNAs? We’ll dive into these pressing issues, as well as some possible solutions moving forward.

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