Strengthening the Future of CRNAs Through Mentorship with Richard Wilson

How do we make the next generation of CRNAs better than the previous generation? This is the question that led today’s guest, Richard Wilson, DNAP, CRNA, to get involved in education and provide leadership training mentorship for the next group of CRNAs so they have the ability to take the profession to another level. Join us today as we talk about the importance of mentorship, how to be a successful mentor, and what benefits it provides our industry when we have stronger applicants.

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Ep 49: Thanksgiving Day Special: Showing Gratitude for the AANA

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate this wonderful day of gratitude, we welcome on AANA CEO Randy Moore and AANA Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs Ralph Kohl to help us give thanks for an organization that does so much for the CRNA profession every year.

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