How Does the AANA Attract More Young Members? Let’s Ask Two Students

During our trip to the mid-year assembly recently, Sharon and Tracy Castleman, DNP, CRNA, APN-A, FAANA were having a conversation about declining student membership at the AANA when they met Haley Johnson and Kelby Stanko, who are both students at Saint Vincent College Excela Health School of Nurse Anesthesia. We decided to spend time with both of these bright, young ladies to learn more about their experience attending this AANA event, being part of the mentorship program, and how they plan to help spread that positive message with other students.

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Ep 116: Importance of Mentoring in CRNA Leadership Development

For more than 20 years, the AANA Mentorship Program has played an integral role in the development of young CRNAs thanks to both the mentors and mentees that have committed to the annual event. Tracy Castleman, CRNA, has been deeply involved in the mentoring process so we asked her to join us to talk about the program, why it’s important for CRNAs to get involved, and what young professionals can expect to get out of this experience.

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