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Ep 181: The CRNA Coroner – Another Avenue to Serve

It’s been incredible to watch the number of CRNAs that have thrown their scrubs into the ring for political positions around the country. As the trend continues to grow, we want to spotlight another one of these incredibly talented and devoted nurse anesthetists that have been recently elected.

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Ep 85: The Story of the First IFNA Researcher, Dr. Maura McAuliffe, CRNA, FAAN

Today we bring back Sandy Oullette, CRNA, to provide us with a look back at an important time in the IFNA’s history. Soon after the organization was formed, a meeting with the World Health Organization led to Maura McAuliffe,CRNA, Ph.D, FAAN, being appointed the first official researcher. Find out how it all came about as we document what was learned about nurse anesthetists around the world over the past 30 years.

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Ep #37: Spotlighting the IFNA – A Global Anesthesia Community

The International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists is celebrating 30 years as an organization in 2019 and we had the chance to spend some time with four current board members and one past president. During this episode, we had the chance to talk about the IFNA’s history, its mission, where it hopes to go in the future, and much more.

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