Early Anesthesia: Dagmar Nelson and Nurse Anesthesia After the Trial (Part 2)

In part two, we’ll go on an exploration to uncover the untold chapters of Dagmar’s post trial years and witness how her victory reshaped the landscape of nurse anesthesia, breaking down barriers and paving the way for countless nurse anesthetists who followed in her footsteps. Join us as we delve into part two of our conversation about Dagmar Nelson with show historians Nancy and Sandy.

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Early Anesthesia: The Life and Trial of Dagmar Nelson (Part 1)

Most people know about Dagmar Nelson in terms of her being involved in the only court trial ever to test the legality of nurses administering anesthesia, but there’s much more to her than just that. We’ll lean on Nancy Bruton-Maree, CRNA, and Sandy Ouellette, CRNA to learn more about how amazing she was as a woman and what happened at the trial.

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Ep #42: The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare

Nurse practitioners play such an important role in healthcare so let’s learn more about the profession. The CEO and president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners join us on this episode to share their accomplishments, challenges, and goals to improve the industry and empower their nurses.

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