Treating PTSD and Considerations for the Healthcare Provider

It’s estimated that more than 31 million Americans have PTSD but we still don’t have a great grasp on how to support and treat those struggling with this. Today we’re going to explore anesthesia’s role in patient care with guest host Angela Mund, DNP, CRNA and Major Randy Cornelius, DNP, MBA, CRNA.

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Unmasking PTSD: A Candid Conversation with Jim Reed, a Special Operations CRNA

In this episode, we’re excited to welcome in LTC(ret) Jim Reed, DNP, MSNA, CRNA to shed some light on diversion and substance use disorder. They begin by discussing Jim’s current activities and then delve into his background, starting with his early life in the sunny southwest. Jim shares his journey from growing up in Arizona, joining the military, and becoming an enlisted man in the Army.

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From Crisis to Recovery: Anesthesia Professionals’ Journey with PTSD & SUD

Today, we embark on a journey into the heart of some very challenging and critical issues within the anesthesia profession. Our goal is to shed light on the often-overlooked topics of “Second Victim Anesthesia Providers,” the clandestine world of “Diversion of Controlled Substances,” and the poignant struggle against “Substance Use Disorders.”

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