randy Cornelius

Ep 207: Normalization of Deviance and Production Pressure for CRNAs

When you look at how critical mistakes happen in the workplace, the normalization of deviance is often the culprit. You can find examples of this in all different areas of life, but CRNAs frequently face the pressure of doing things as fast as we can to meet the demands of production pressure. Today we want to explore this idea of normalization of deviance with Randy Cornelius, DNP, ARNP, CRNA, and discuss how CRNAs can work to overcome this.

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Ep 176: Meet 13 Candidates in the 2022 AANA Elections

The AANA Elections to appoint 2022-2023 board and elected committees will open on April 19 and members will have two weeks to cast their votes. We had the opportunity to go to the mid-year assembly in Washington D.C earlier this month and give candidates the chance to speak directly to you about their views and goals to help you make a more in-formed decision. Today you’ll hear from 13 CRNAs who will be on the ballot this month.

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