Ep 58: CRNA Dogma & Traditions with Peter Strube: Where’s the Evidence?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why something is done a certain way? There are so many aspects of our job that are based on standards and procedures developed years before us but should we be questioning these? Today we talk with Peter Strube, CRNA, DNAP, about dogma and traditions in nurse anesthesia and how things will continue to evolve.

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On This Episode:

The world of healthcare and medicine is built on procedures that are meticulously followed and rarely questioned. These dogmas get passed over time and eventually just become accepted as the way it’s done. In a profession that’s a regimented as nurse anesthesia, that’s not a surprise.

But have you ever taken a step back and wondered why something was done a certain way? Where’s the evidence for what you did? We decided to ask these questions on this episode of the Beyond the Mask Podcast. To help us get answers and find an explanation for why dogmas and traditions continue on, let’s talk with Peter Strube, CRNA, DNAP.

Strube is a lecturer in the College of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and frequently speaks to groups around the country. If you’ve listened to one of his talks before, you’ll leave thinking and questioning things. His past in the military, where many nursing procedures are developed, has given him a unique perspective and a lifetime of experience.

In our discussion today, we’ll talk about the current dogma trends, which is the oddest, what it takes to break tradition, and what the future might hold for the industry.

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[1:43] – Let’s welcome Peter Strube to the show. Tell us a little about yourself.

[3:29] – Why is this topic dogma and tradition important?

[6:22] – What’s the oddest dogma that you talk about in your lectures?

[7:33] – How hard is it to break tradition?

[10:36] – What’s Peter’s favorite current dogma trend?

[11:57] – How LR leads to panic attacks.  

[13:46] – Peter recently had to undergo surgery.  

[15:27] – How did Peter get involved in this area?

[17:06] – Do you implement the things you learn about in your practice?

[18:47] – What does the future hold for changing dogma?

[21:03] – What would Peter be if he wasn’t a CRNA?

[22:34] – Final message from Peter on this subject.


“I love to talk about in the beginning of the lecture how if you give them just one bag of normal saline, which is 0.9 percent, you’ve given them 27 bags of Lays potato chips if you let it run in. ”

-Peter Strube, CRNA, DNAP

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