airway management

Video-Laryngoscopy Including Flexible Intubation (VIFI)

Have you ever managed an airway with both a video-laryngoscope and a flexible intubating (fiberoptic) scope? Wait…what??? Yep, in this episode Jeremy and Sass talk about an evolving airway management technique that utilizes both devices to help secure difficult airways. They call it VIFI!

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Demystifying Awake Intubation

Awake tracheal intubation is a procedure that many of us rarely perform. In this episode, Jeremy and Sass focus on the indications for awake intubation.

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“Cric It While It’s Hot” – Surgical Cricothyrotomy

Cricothyrotomy is what’s known as a High Acuity Low Occurrence (HALO) procedure. Meaning anesthesia providers do not often perform this procedure, but when the clinical situation calls for a cricothyrotomy…it can be extremely stressful!

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