debra diaz

Hear from the Candidates for 2024-25 AANA Board of Directors

It’s another special edition of Beyond the Mask where we let you hear directly from the candidates running for various AANA offices in the upcoming fiscal year.

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The Life & Experiences of a Military CRNA with Dr. Debra Diaz

We’re excited for today’s episode as we explore the intersection of anesthesia, leadership, and military service with the incredible Debra Diaz, DNP, CRNA, APRN, FAANA. She’s a CRNA who served in the US Navy and shares her profound experiences from the front lines to the operating room. Discover the unique challenges of military anesthesia, the critical importance of leadership, and the unyielding spirit of service that defines the CRNA profession.

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Ep 176: Meet 13 Candidates in the 2022 AANA Elections

The AANA Elections to appoint 2022-2023 board and elected committees will open on April 19 and members will have two weeks to cast their votes. We had the opportunity to go to the mid-year assembly in Washington D.C earlier this month and give candidates the chance to speak directly to you about their views and goals to help you make a more in-formed decision. Today you’ll hear from 13 CRNAs who will be on the ballot this month.

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