Ep 242: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Creating a Preferred Workplace for CRNAs

Tom Davis, DNAP, MAE, CRNA is an Air Force-trained CRNA with a lot of high-level experience in anesthesia, and throughout his CRNA career, he’s really focused on two aspects of the profession: healthcare leadership and patient safety. In doing this, he’s learned so much about emotional intelligence and the role it plays in creating a preferred workplace. He joins us this episode to define emotional intelligence, explain why listening is crucial, and help us better understand how we can improve our own EI.

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Ep 213: Moral Injury and Nurse Anesthesia

With the increased distress and rationing of care that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of Moral Injury (MI) has started to garner much more attention in the world of healthcare. This repeated conflict between an individual’s morality and the management of care causes a deep emotional wound that often drives workers out of the profession altogether. Jerry Hogan, DNSc, CRNA wrote an article about this subject, so we’ve asked him to explain the effects of MI and how CRNAs can resolve this conflict.

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