How to Own or Direct an Ambulatory Surgery Center as a CRNA

Today’s guest, Brett Maxfield, MS, CRNA, is here to show us the path to owning or directing an Ambulatory Surgery Center after doing it on his own over the past eight years. We’ll take you through a remarkable journey that begins with organ failure and then uncover the vast career opportunities for CRNAs, spotlighting the importance of adaptability and embracing the diversity of roles that await passionate individuals.

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Ep 164: CRNA Entrepreneurship in Aesthetics and Wellness

If you’ve ever considered being your own boss and building a business that can supplement or replace your CRNA income, there are paths out there that our peers are paving. One of those people is Mariann Trice, CRNA, ARNP, who transitioned to an independent practice after working more than 30 years in the medical field….

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