pain management

Discovering the Healing Power of Battlefield Acupuncture with Angel Jaap, CRNA

Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) is rapidly gaining recognition for its effectiveness in alleviating acute and chronic pain, as well as anxiety. When we heard Angel Jaap, CRNA speak about this at the AANA Spring Symposium, we wanted to bring her on to learn more about this alternative therapy. You’ll understand why she wants more nurses to learn this protocol after you hear some of the applications and success stories she shares today.

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CRNAs and Law Enforcement: The Parallels of Managing Pain and Having Compassion

We are joined by former Chief of the Aurora (Illinois) Police Department Kristen Ziman. She wrote a book about her experiences – good and bad – in the law enforcement profession and the leadership lessons she learned. You’ll be surprised by how many parallels there are between her career and the careers of CRNAs and this episode will have some powerful messages to share.

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Ep 249: Anesthesia Considerations for Cannabis

In this episode, Jeremy and Sass discuss the anatomy related to the CTM. They talk about palpation methods for finding the CTM, discuss current evidence for the use of ultrasound identification, and break down the ultrasound techniques that are useful in clinical practice. This is the podcast that will excite you to use POCUS for identification of the CTM!

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