patient care

Improving Patient Outcomes for the Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled

From exploring the shocking statistics on healthcare distrust to practical steps for better patient care, we hope you get as much out of this show as we did.

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Automated Bliss: Transforming Anesthesia Care through Artificially Intelligent Drug Delivery

Today’s episode explores the revolutionary landscape of automated drug delivery systems in anesthesia. The hosts unravel the intricacies of these technologies, discussing real-world examples and contemplating the integration of adaptive, intelligent computer systems.

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Ep 156: How the Economics of Healthcare Could Change Anesthesia

Money drives many of the decisions industries have to make and healthcare is no exception. As things become more expensive and less efficient, people are looking for ways to improve the quality and cost of care. Ian Hewer, PhD, CRNA, is an assistant professor at Western Carolina University and has turned much of his focus to healthcare economics and QZ team billing. Today he’ll tell us more about this team approach, how it’s impacting cost, and why it’s a good thing for CRNAs.

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