Perioperative Cannabis Implications for Anesthesia Providers

The rate of cannabis use has exploded exponentially in the past 10 years and the widespread consumption demands us to be knowledgeable on the topic. Dr. Daniel King, CRNA, has become a dedicated subject matter expert in cannabis implications for anesthesia patients after taking an interest in the issues he was observing in his day-to-day practice. Today he’ll help educate us on the subject, the different risk factors, and what he’s learned about providing anesthesia for these patients.

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Ep 141: 5 Things CRNAs Must Know About Decumulation to Retire Successfully

When it comes to saving and investing during your working career, CRNAs can find plenty of help and resources to get them to retirement. Unfortunately, there’s not nearly as much support to help you manage that nest egg and spend down your assets. This period, known as decumulation, is just as important as anything you do with your finances so let’s make sure you know what it takes to retire successfully.

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