Ep 216: Identifying & Treating Imposter Phenomenon as a CRNA

It’s not something people openly talk about but feeling like you’re professionally inadequate happens to a lot of people. This is known as imposter phenomenon (IP) and it’s something that CRNAs deal with much more than you might realize. We’ve invited former CANA president Jeffrey Darna, PhD, DNP, CRNA, ACNP-BC onto the show to explain why high-achieving individuals have this self-perception of intellectual phoniness and what we can do to treat it.

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Ep 57: How CRNAs and SRNAs Can Deal with Stress and PTSD

Working as a nurse anesthetist can be a highly emotional and stressful position as you constantly deal with pressure to perform. That’s why there’s an emphasis being put on health and wellness by people like Jerry Hogan, DNSc, CRNA, ARNP-BC, who is the program director at Rush University. He joins us to talk about this topic and ways that CRNAs and SRNAs can cope with the stress and PTSD brought on from work.

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