Sydney davis

Lessons Learned in the State Legislature with Taylor Rehfeldt, CRNA, and Sydney Davis, CRNA

We’re back with another great interview from our trip to the mid-year assembly in Washington D.C. as Sharon and Tracy Castleman, DNP, CRNA, APN-A, FAANA got to sit down with Taylor Rehfeldt, CRNA, and Sydney Davis, CRNA. You might remember them from episode 111, and we have been excited to catch back up with these two state representatives to find out what they’ve learned about advocacy and politics by being on the other side of the table.

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Ep 111: Finally! Two South Dakota CRNAs Elected to State Legislatures

While there’s plenty we want to forget about 2020, there was also a bit of history we want to spotlight. Sydney Davis, CRNA, and Taylor Rehfeldt, CRNA, became the first two CRNAs to be elected to a state legislature during the November 3 general election in South Dakota. Join us as we celebrate their story, find out why they pursued office, and learn about the issues they’re focusing on.

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