Ep 243: A Crisis of Malignant Proportions

Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) is a rare and dreaded complication specific to anesthesia. It’s a systemic hypermetabolic syndrome that can result in severe disability or even death. In this episode Jeremy and Sass review the pathophysiology, preoperative considerations, signs and symptoms, complications, and management of this uncommon, but significant critical event.

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Ep 210: The Dangers of Button Batteries & the Immediate Care Required

When Sharon visited the NCANA meeting in Wilmington, she sat through a lecture full of people with children and grandchildren that were panicked listening to the speaker. It was eye-opening and something we wanted to bring awareness to because it can be avoided. The person speaking that day was Emily Funk, DNP, CRNA and we asked her to come on to talk to us about the danger of button batteries and the harm they can cause almost immediately when ingested.

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Ep 174: Anesthesia Practice Considerations When Dealing with a Methamphetamine Patient

With the rise in methamphetamine use across the country, CRNAs need to be prepared to provide anesthesia to a substance use disorder patient. Jenny Krogh, CRNA, has noticed several misconceptions and conflicting management of patients who have used methamphetamines through her time working and researching. Today she joins us to explain the effects of methamphetamines on the body and clarifies some of the inaccuracies.

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