Unmasking PTSD: A Candid Conversation with Jim Reed, a Special Operations CRNA

In this episode, we’re excited to welcome in LTC(ret) Jim Reed, DNP, MSNA, CRNA to shed some light on diversion and substance use disorder. They begin by discussing Jim’s current activities and then delve into his background, starting with his early life in the sunny southwest. Jim shares his journey from growing up in Arizona, joining the military, and becoming an enlisted man in the Army.

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Ep 235: 2023 AANA Update with CEO, Bill Bruce

Bill Bruce, MBA, CAE, took over as the CEO of the AANA last summer so we caught up with him to get an update on how the organization has progressed over his first eight months. It’s already been a busy term already with staffing changes and the AANA moving into a new building, but there are many policy issues to be managed and addressed as well. Join us as we find out what’s happening inside the AANA and how the organization is tackling key issues.

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