Ep 171: Health and Wellness for the CRNA

Long hours and high stress are typically a recipe for poor health, which is why it’s always good to get a reminder to put ourselves and our bodies first. That can be difficult for CRNAs, who are trained to prioritize the needs of others. That’s why we wanted to bring on master nutritionist Donnell Carter, MBA, MS, CRNA to give us the information and motivation we need to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Ep 84: Promoting Professional Wellness with NCANA President Linda Stone, DNP, CRNA

Now more than ever, putting a focus on your wellness needs to be a priority for every CRNA. We all deal with stress and fa-tigue each day so giving our body a break is important. The good news is you’ll find a lot of resources and help from the pro-fessional organizations supporting CRNAs. Let’s find out more about those along with ways to improve wellness, and we’ll do it with NCANA President Linda Stone, DNP, CRNA.

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Ep 57: How CRNAs and SRNAs Can Deal with Stress and PTSD

Working as a nurse anesthetist can be a highly emotional and stressful position as you constantly deal with pressure to perform. That’s why there’s an emphasis being put on health and wellness by people like Jerry Hogan, DNSc, CRNA, ARNP-BC, who is the program director at Rush University. He joins us to talk about this topic and ways that CRNAs and SRNAs can cope with the stress and PTSD brought on from work.

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