All Things AANA with President Dru Riddle & CEO Bill Bruce

Today ​we’re ​delving ​in ​the ​heart ​of ​all ​matters ​concerning ​the ​American ​Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, ​and ​we’re ​privileged ​to ​be ​joined ​by ​two ​prominent ​guests.

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Engaging the Late Career CRNA with Cindy Farina

Examples of ageism can be found in just about any profession but is this something that CRNAs should be concerned about? This episode, with the help of co-host Jackie Rowles, MBA, CRNA, ANP-BC, FAAN and guest Cindy Farina, DNP, CRNA explores how the cultural fixations on youth can not only undermine job satisfaction but can also nudge experienced CRNAs towards premature retirement. We also want to recognize the relevance of late-career CRNAs, their contributions to the nurse anesthesiology profession, and the potential challenges they face.

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The Future of Anesthesia Heading Into 2024

We’re closing out the year with what’s becoming an annual conversation on the podcast. Today we’ve invited back NorthStar Anesthesia CEO Adam Spiegel and Chief Anesthetist Officer Randy Moore, DNP, MBA, CRNA, to update the state of the profession and discuss what’s to come for CRNAs in the year ahead. From business strategy shifts to workforce development to Surprise Billing, we’ll cover some of the top issues impacting anesthesia and CRNAs heading into 2024.

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