Get Gritty With It: How CRNAs Can Reduce Burnout and Achieve Long-Term Goals

Burnout has always been an issue for nurses and CRNAs but the issue has risen ever since COVID and the added stress that’s put on the healthcare industry. What if there was a way to help individuals guard against it? Today we dissect the concept of grit with Michell Smith, CRNA and explore how passion and perseverance are not just buzzwords but critical tools for CRNAs striving to achieve their long-term goals.

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Ep 242: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Creating a Preferred Workplace for CRNAs

Tom Davis, DNAP, MAE, CRNA is an Air Force-trained CRNA with a lot of high-level experience in anesthesia, and throughout his CRNA career, he’s really focused on two aspects of the profession: healthcare leadership and patient safety. In doing this, he’s learned so much about emotional intelligence and the role it plays in creating a preferred workplace. He joins us this episode to define emotional intelligence, explain why listening is crucial, and help us better understand how we can improve our own EI.

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