Ep #33: Understanding Malpractice Insurance Options with the AANA’s John Fetcho

On This Episode:

As a CRNA, your primary focus is caring for the patient but who is protecting you?

Insurance should be the answer but understanding the many options available to you and the different types of coverages can cause you to overlook some important details. That’s why we wanted to bring on John Fetcho, the Director of AANA Insurance Services, to run through many of our questions on some common issues.

He spends time during the show explaining why malpractice insurance is so important and why you should check to see what type of coverage you currently have. We also discuss the differences between occurrence versus claims made coverage as well as companies that are admitted versus non-admitted.

To drive home the significance of knowing your coverage and policy, Fetcho shares a real-life story that surprised both hosts.

This plus a lot more is included in this episode of Beyond the Mask and we’ve highlighted the main topics below to help you navigate the show.

[1:40] – Welcome John Fetcho – Director of AANA Insurance Services

[2:47] – Why is this topic of malpractice insurance so important?

[4:50] – You want to understand who is insuring you and what coverage you have.

[7:16] – Occurrence coverage vs claims made

[10:45] – The two types of insurance companies: Admitted and Non-Admitted

[14:30] – When CRNA is involved in a claim, 100% of the time there are legal expenses.

[15:28] – How can you find ratings for insurance companies?

[17:51] – Insurance policies aren’t created equally. There are significant differences.

[20:39] – Are moonlighting policies still available?

[21:42] – A real-life story about a how a supplemental policy could have made a huge difference.

[24:26] – How the policy premiums different state to state.

[30:00] – AANA is there as a resource for members.

[31:11] – AANA premiums for CRNAs have gone down 33% since they began.

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