Ep 209: Tips for Getting the Right CRNA Job with Lt. Col. (ret) Tom Davis

CRNAs continue to be in high demand so finding a job isn’t always the challenge, but how do you go about identifying and landing the right job? Thomas Davis, DNAP, MAE, CRNA is an Air Force-trained CRNA who learned a lot about leadership during his time in the military and has used that to start ProSynEx Authentic Leadership. Today we’ll dive into the hiring process and share tips for any CRNA exploring new employment so that you have the best chance at landing that perfect job.

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Ep 206: From the OR to the C-Suite with Randy Moore

Randy Moore, DNP, MBA, CRNA, left his role as the AANA CEO about a year ago to take over as Chief Anesthetist Officer at NorthStar Anesthesia. It was a little surprising because it seemed like a great long-term position, but the reasons for his departure make sense when you hear him explain his vision moving forward. That’s why we’ve invited our friend and colleague onto the show to catch up on this huge career change.

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Ep 184: CRNA Manpower – Trends from the Past Decade & a Look Into the Future (Part 2)

Today we’re continuing the conversation with Nancy Bruton-Maree, CRNA, and Sandy Ouellette, CRNA, on the history of CRNAs in the workforce. In part two, we’ll look at educational changes since 2010 along with the updated statistics on active professionals and students. We’ll also turn our attention to the future of anesthesia and discuss the trends that might be on the horizon.  

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