Meet Lokum: A New Tech Company Designed to Connect CRNAs to Employers

The nursing industry is filled with so many bright and talented people and today’s guest is just another example of that. Ayoade (Joy) Ademuyewo, DNP, CRNA is the founder and CEO of Lokum, which helps match vendors directly with anesthesiology providers without having to go through recruiting agencies. Find out why this could be the future of work as an independent contractor and learn more about the person behind it all.

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Ep 209: Tips for Getting the Right CRNA Job with Lt. Col. (ret) Tom Davis

CRNAs continue to be in high demand so finding a job isn’t always the challenge, but how do you go about identifying and landing the right job? Thomas Davis, DNAP, MAE, CRNA is an Air Force-trained CRNA who learned a lot about leadership during his time in the military and has used that to start ProSynEx Authentic Leadership. Today we’ll dive into the hiring process and share tips for any CRNA exploring new employment so that you have the best chance at landing that perfect job.

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