The Glucagon-Like Podcast: Navigating GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in Anesthesia

Terry and Garry dive into the fascinating world of GLP-1 receptor agonists, those tiny molecules that can be both a blessing and a potential risk factor when it comes to anesthesia. In this episode, we’re going embark on a journey through the world of diabetes management, how it intersects with the realm of anesthesia and what the implications are for providers in the operating room.

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Ep 224: ASA 2022 Difficult Airway Algorithm Update

The American Society of Anesthetists initially released the Difficult Airway Algorithm in 1993 to provide a guide for managing a patient with a difficult airway. It has been updated every 10 years since with the fourth iteration being released in January 2022.
The latest update has a number of key changes that Jeremy and Sass will take you through in this episode of the podcast.

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Ep 90: How Association Management Can Help Your State Association

Running a state association takes a lot of work and it’s made even more challenging when the board doesn’t have all the tools to do the best job possible. That’s where asso-ciation management companies come in. Find out how Peggy Blankenship, CAE, and Accent on Management are helping four state associations already and why it can be a big benefit to members.

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